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Lesson Overview

Lessons are given on a weekly basis in 30, 45 & 60-minute increments based on training and experience. Lessons are divided into two parts:

1.) Demonstration of previously assigned materials, and 2.) Coverage of new materials.

A typical lesson includes:

•Performance of the prior week’s assigned piece(s)

•Review of theory homework


•Discussion of at-home practice methods

•Introduction of new performance

materials & theory

•Discussion of music history, performance

practice, form & analysis, and

compositional techniques

Theory & ear-training tutoring is also offered.

Lesson Rates

Students Adults

30-Minutes $30 60-Minutes $50

45-Minutes $35

60-Minutes $40

Please note that all new piano students are required to sign an 8-week (1/2 semester ) lesson contract. Returning piano students are required to sign a 17-week full semester contract. Theory & ear-training tutoring requires no contract.


Lessons are taught at my home located in Bristol, Virginia minutes from Virginia High School, Virginia Middle School, and Washington & Lee Elementary School.

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